Hey There Cupcake!

Hey There Cupcake Quilt-1 A friend of mine owns a bakery, and recently had their first baby! What better gift to give a baker's baby daughter than a cupcake quilt!? Hey There Cupcake Quilt-3 I used vintage sheets for all the prints-- they were so fun to work with and so soft! Hey There Cupcake Quilt-4 Every time Davin (my son) came into my studio while I was working on this, he'd say, "That cupcake looks good enough to eat!" Too sweet. I promptly discouraged him from eating fabric. Each time. We have lots of cyclical jokes, he and I. Hey There Cupcake Quilt-5 Hey There Cupcake Quilt-6 I used Kona Ash for the grey-- It really complimented the vintage fabrics, and, I think, gave it a more modern look, as opposed to the classic white. Hey There Cupcake Quilt-7 Hey There Cupcake Quilt-8 Those flowers from the vines in my backyard leapt onto the backing!


  • Kathleen Fraser

    How perfect!

  • Candace

    Beautiful quilt Shannon and a wonderful gift for anyone. Very imaginative. You are so creative.

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